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Our Members

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.

Margaret Mead


Our members are the most important assets of KBHVAC. Our members come from all walks of life, span the gamut from high school students to retirees and everything in between. They all form a team that shares challenging and rewarding experiences to help our community.

Line Officers

Our line officers provide operational leadership and keep KBHVAC running.

CaptainAllie Whalenemail
1st LtAmy Hayesemail
2nd LtCesar Perezemail
3rd LtSophie Peterfreundemail

 Board Of Directors

Our board of directors provide guidance in business affairs, finances, and liaise with the community.

Chair:Jessica DeAltoemail
President:Lesley Boltzemail
Vice President:Joe McGinnemail
Treasurer:Bruce Yablonemail
Recording Secretary:Kathy Roche
Director at Large:brierMichelle
Director at Large:Lauren Smith


Our members are the life blood of KBHVAC.

Akinbolajo, ToyinCrew
Bailey, MartyCrew, EMT
Bittker, AricDriver, EMT, Crew ChiefLife Member
Boies, AndrewCrewUnder 18
Boltz, LesleyDriver, EMT, Vice President, Crew Chief
Brier, MichelleDriver, EMT, Driver Trainer, Crew Chief
Calves, EvanCrew
Cantor, PaulCrew, EMTLife Member
Carducci, JessicaDriver, EMT, Driver Trainer, Crew ChiefLife Member
Carone, RickDriver, EMT, Board, Driver Trainer, Crew ChiefLife Member
Carpenter, JeffDriver, Driver TrainerLife Member
Cohen, JonDriver, EMT, Crew Chief
Cryan, AdianCrewUnder 18
Cummings, LilaCrewLife Member
Darvick, HeleneCrew
DeAlto, JessicaDriver, EMTLife Member
Eberhardt, SophieCrewUnder 18
Flink, JonathanDriver, EMT, Driver Trainer, Crew Chief
Flink, KatarzynaCrew
Foster, HerbCrewLife Member
Foster, TinaCrewLife Member
Fuchs, KarenDriverLife Member
Fuhrman, FrankDriver, Driver TrainerLife Member
Giannettino, GraceCrew
Gibaldi, IsabellaCrew
Gold, JuliaCrewUnder 18
Goodstein, MaxDriver, EMT, Crew Chief
Groccia, CarolynCrew
Grzywacz, JacksonDriver
Hayes, AmyEMT
Hayes, LukeCrewUnder 18
Hernandez, DannyCrew
Hill, WhitneyDriver
Jenkins, ConnorCrewUnder 18
Jenkins, DanielCrew
Kaplan, AndrewDriver, EMT, Driver Trainer, Crew ChiefLife Member
Kaplan, EmilyCrew, EMT
Kiley, MadisonCrew
Larkin, PatrishaCrew
Lasar, MarkCrewProbationary
Legato, TonyDriver
Levine, GaryDriver, EMT
Levine, PaulaCrew
Lovitz, MarkDriverLife Member
Mackey, TomDriverLife Member
MacLean, SeanEMT, Crew Chief
Magardino, AngelaCrew, EMT
Marton-Rollins, JonDriver, Driver Trainer, EMT, Crew Chief
McDermott, LiamEMT, Crew Chief
McGinn, JoeDriver, EMT, Lieutenant, Driver Trainer, Crew ChiefLife Member
McGinn, KevinCrew, EMTLife Member
Meineck, PeterDriver, EMT, Crew Chief
Melillo, PattyCrewLife Member
Miller, KristenDriver, EMT
Morales, LizCrew
Moskowitz, JerryTreasurerLife Member
Mullane, BillDriver
Ohnmacht, JohnDriver, EMT, Captain, Crew ChiefLife Member
Paauwe, PaulDriver
Palmesi, SheilaCrewLife Member
Perez, CesarDriver, EMT, Driver Trainer, Crew ChiefLife Member
Perez, DonnaDriver, EMT, Driver Trainer, Crew ChiefLife Member
Peselli, GraceCrewUnder 18
Peterfreund, SophieEMT, Lieutenant, Crew Chief
Reed, MillsCrew
Roberts, BernieDriverLife Member
Roche, KathyCrew
Rohrer, CharlieDriverLife Member
Ruzza, ErnieCrewLife Member
Salzano, LorenzoDriver
Saxton, PatrickDriver, EMT, Crew Chief
Seward, KyleCrew
Shah, NikeetaCrew
Smith, JuliaCrew
Smith, LaurenDriver, Board
Solomon, HarryEMT, Crew Chief
Spain, ChrisDriver, EMT
Spain, GabbyCrew, EMT
Speidell, NancyDriver, Driver TrainerLife Member
Stanley, JohnDriverLife Member
Sulenski, AlDriverLife Member
Tovar, Juan-CarlosCrew
Trotta, BonnieCrew
Tschorn, HankCrewLife Member
Waill, DavidDriver, EMT, Driver Trainer, Crew ChiefLife Member
Walsh, SophiaCrewProbationary
Weiner, DeanCrew
Weiner, IsabellaCrew
Weiner, KatrinaCrew
Weiner, KunikoCrew
Weir, BetsyCrew
Whalen, AllieEMT, Crew Chief, Lieutenant
Williams, AlexandraDriver, EMT, Crew ChiefLife Member
Williams, ElinorCrewUnder 18
Yablon, AlexaCrew
Yablon, BruceDriver, EMT, Driver Trainer, Crew Chief
Zafian-Carone, JoanEMT, Crew ChiefLife Member

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson









John Stanley











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